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A great Christmas present (and no, it’s not a gun!)

February 6, 2010

Christmas is a time for giving. But darn it, it’s fun to get stuff, too. My wife today gave me something I’ve been hinting at for a while — a concealed carry class and permission to apply for a CCL.

This probably strikes many of you as weird. What kind of man needs “permission” from his woman? As I push my chest forward and jut my chin out in an aggressive stance, let me answer that I, man that I am, need no such permission.

However, I choose to submit to it. And it’s a good thing.

It’s good because civilization is built on marriage between men and women. This is not a slap at gay marriage or co-habitation, but let’s face it. Heterosexual married couples are the backbone of a civilized, growing society —growing because they provide children and a stable environment in which to rear them, civilized because sound decisions are made in the push-and-pull of two minds in partnership. Yes, this partnership can be between any two people, but there’s something peculiar about husband and wife. Maybe it’s the realization that we’re stuck together. Maybe it’s the transcending love. Maybe it’s because I’ve forgotten the password to our joint bank account. Whatever it is, I have learned (the hard way) that I ignore my wife’s counsel at my peril.

So when I decided our house should have a gun in it, I presented the case to the missus, anticipating the inevitable reservations. After a wife-imposed “waiting period” and a windfall from a free-lance job, she insisted on going to the gun store, helping to select a suitable weapon and training on it with me. We were lucky to get a friendly and patient salesman (who kept his piece tastefully concealed) who explained all the safety features and operation of the gun, a Bersa Thunder .380. I had chosen this gun with her in mind, figuring its small size and easy handling would appeal to her. At the range, she embarrassed me with a laser-focused determination to achieve a two-inch grouping at seven yards. She’ll never be a “gun nut,” but she sure can shoot!

So a little patience has paid off. Now she wants to head back to the range to practice again. I’ll have my CCL soon and the option to carry. And I’ll also have something else — a partner in the exercise of a fundamental American civil right.

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