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From the Daily Kos: Why Liberals Should Love the Second Amendment

August 4, 2010

This is what I have been waiting for. From the trusted Daily Kos comes a perspective that, while speaking to a lefty audience, is really neither liberal nor conservative — although the writer favors paying attention to the words of the U.S. Constitution, a tendency that is disturbingly out of vogue among progressives.

My favorite argument is her first one. In all the teeth-gnashing over McDonald v. Chicago, I had never read a simple textual comparison of Amendment #2 to its brethren. There was much discussion about the comma, and whether the militia exists today, but dagnabit, “Angry Mouse” plowed through to an essential truth — the framers of our Constitution intended the Second Amendment to stand on par with the others.

I also love Reason #4: “It doesn’t matter if you can use it.” The freedom of the press extends to the illiterate. The right to trial by jury is there for law-abiding citizens. There may come a day where your life is threatened — by an ex-boyfriend, by a carjacker or by a Zeta drug-runner. I heartily defend a person’s choice to go unarmed. I encourage it, in fact, if you are a pacifist or just don’t like guns. But the argument “who needs more than ten bullets in a semi-auto pistol” is patronizing. Who needs a 2006 Côte du Rhone? Who needs a poncho made from hemp? Who needs light rail? (I don’t. I bike to work!) We’re friggin’ liberals, people. That means we “favor maximum individual liberty,” according to the New Oxford American Dictionary.

For liberals, being anti-gun is cultural, not intellectual. Read Ms. Gray’s article. I can’t say it any better than that.

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