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Gunning while black, part 3

October 19, 2010

@girlsloveguns posted a very interesting link to an article in the stalwart socialist mag Mother Jones: “Equal Opportunity Guns.” The author, Titania Kumeh, begins with the admission that she had never “seen a real gun in person,” proceeds to that marvelous place in the human mind where she questions her assumptions and ends with her attending the Gun Rights Policy Conference. There she experienced a “Diversity Among Pro-Gunners” panel discussion, writing: “Several speakers encourage recruiting gay people, women, and minorities into the pro-gun, anti-regulations fold.” However, as she put it: “I’m not convinced.” Not by the earnestness of the “white, male boomers” at the conference, but by the arguments against gun regulation.

Kudos to Ms. Kumeh for stepping out of her comfort zone and challenging her prejudices.

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