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The Secret Handshake of Gun Owners

April 7, 2011

HK logo

In line to drop my youngest off at preschool, I waited behind a minivan sporting a host of “soccer mom” stickers — stick figures of the family, an elementary school sports team mascot, “Girl Runner” (presumably the driver), a faux-Euro oval touting a favorite vacation spot, and the Heckler and Koch logo. Now, that last sticker isn’t a typical soccer mom sticker. I smiled to myself, knowing the majority of grown-ups in that parking lot had no clue what the H and the K stood for. But I did.

Gun ownership is growing, but we’re still a misunderstood minority. Especially among my lefty friends, knowing anything about firearms makes one a criminal or a redneck, unless you’re a cop or soldier. So we learn to keep quiet unless we’re among friends, resorting instead to code to communicate our secret interest.

Another example: On March 29 of this year I posted this on Facebook — “Today is the 1911 Centennial!” The post got several “likes,” all from friends who appreciated Browning’s classic 1911 pistol. But I also collected several puzzled comments, usually in the vein of “Yeah! And every other day this year!” I didn’t see a need to explain.

So I think I may stick that Remington “R” on my car window after all. Fans of “Big Green” will appreciate it and haters won’t be the wiser. It’ll be my response to “Girl Runner’s” secret handshake.


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