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Leaving left behind

December 22, 2011

As 2011 thunders to a close, so does Maintaining this blog is fun and keeps my writing muscles active in between whitepapers and other fictions. But the time has come when I can’t in good conscience consider myself “liberal” any more.

The last thing the blogosphere needs is someone standing on a hilltop offering pronouncements that interest only one or two people. So I won’t (and I’m sure my  five regular readers breathe a sigh of relief). After all, David Mamet, a far better writer than I am, has already said it better. I believe in the fundamental freedoms set down by the Founders. I believe in the equality of opportunity. And, like Mamet, I believe in the tragedy of human nature (Christians refer to it as “original sin”). That is why I exercise gun ownership.

Also like Mamet, I have been finding an increasing disconnect between ideas and culture. American conservatives and progressives are no longer promoting ideas for bettering the nation. Rather, they are targeting tribes for extermination. President Obama is trying to stamp out the farm tribes and the hunter tribes. Conservatives have been trying to put down the non-JudeoChristian tribes and immigrant tribes for a while now. Liberals affirm the right of Occupy Wall Street to not-so-peaceably assemble but deny people in fear for their lives the Constitutional right to bear arms. It’s all about my tribe vs. your tribe and frankly, it makes me sick.

Blame the media, blame the infantilization of American discourse, blame the fast-food ideation of the blogosphere. No, on second thought, let’s blame ourselves. There are very few people I meet who do not subscribe to this tribal favoritism, even when it defies their core beliefs. Why do my “family values” in-laws support Newt Gingrich? Why do my feminist friends support Islamic terrorists? I could go on, but it would be pointless. I started this blog in part to demonstrate to my liberal friends that guns and gun rights are not only compatible, but necessary (as in “necessary to a Free State”) to progressive thought. I think I’ve converted approximately zero of them. (Fortunately, the other reason I started this blog was to win a bet. At least that paid off.)

So “Liberal Gun Owner” is retiring, soon to be replaced by… something else. I no longer belong to the “liberal” tribe, but neither do I feel affinity with the “conservative” tribe. Neither tribe is consistent in their ideas; they seek only to win the field through attrition. So I’m leaving my leftist credentials behind, as my liberal friends claim I did when I first picked up a gun. In 2012, I’ll rebrand this blog, and I hope you’ll follow me in its new incarnation.

Peace (or war, if necessary) out.

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