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An Open Letter to Virginia Gun Owners and Lovers of Freedom

January 23, 2013

The Great Seal of VirginiaMy fellow Virginians,

New York has now passed the most draconian gun restrictions in the nation, surpassing even California’s hodepodge of laws. Andrew Cuomo even requested a special waiver to implement the laws immediately, rather than the three days prescribed by the New York constitution. They passed the laws so fast, they forgot to exempt police officers, and now have to go back and amend the laws. Massachusetts, New Jersey and Colorado are all set to follow, You might think Virginia is exempt, but we are not. A raft of similar bills are making their way through the General Assembly. Today and tomorrow, the Senate Courts of Justice Committee and the House Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee convene to discuss these bills and determine their fate. Our great Commonwealth appreciates tradition (just look at the names of these committees!), but we also appreciate liberty. The American Revolution may have begun in Massachusetts, but it ended in Virginia at Yorktown — the product of determined yokels with guns, led by a great Virginian.

But as Masachusetts went, so Virginia could go. Terry McAuliffe, former DNC chair and campaign manager for both Clintons, is set to win the governorship this year. Polls show him ahead of Ken Cuccinelli across the board. Every paper and news outlet in Virginia has made it their mission to paint Cuccinelli as a hard-line extremist, concentrating on his contentious battles against climate change advocates and limiting abortions while ignoring his support for restoring the rights of ex-convicts and his battle against foreclosure fraud. In one year, we could have an extreme-left governor, two moderately leftist senators and most likely, a Democrat-controlled state Senate.

This is about more than just gun rights. This is about who gets to write the character of our state and nation, and I have never felt like the character of our nation is in danger as I do now. McAuliffe, Obama and Holder don’t just want to eliminate gun ownership. They want to eliminate, in a way, gun owners. They want rural outdoorsmen, military veterans and other God Country Family types to take a back seat in designing our destiny, leaving it to the intellectual elite of academia, amplified by the tireless warriors of ignorance in the media and fronted by the photogenic smiles of entertainers. And to the politicians who follow their lead, of course. I don’t want to exclude these people — they are Americans, after all. But they want to exclude every religious person, every gun owner, and every intellectual dissenter from a place at the table.

That’s why I feel like Virginia is a bellwether for what comes next. We are geographically and politically moderate, typically liking Democrats to lead the state and Republicans to lead the nation. The media and Washington are trying very, very hard to shift that balance, and they are winning. If you are not a member of the NRA or Virginia Citizens Defense League, I urge you to join. Call and email your representative. My Democrat state representatives may hate guns, but my guess is they hate losing their power more. The Republican Party is imperfect and often represented by some out-of-touch characters. Cuccinelli is one of them. The Virginia media have guaranteed that you know him as a pinch-nosed puritan Birther. But he is a tireless, unequivocal advocate for the Second Amendment and against the encroaching power of the Federal Government, evidenced by his lawsuit against Obamacare.

President Obama’s charismatic leadership, bolstered by the cheerleading of the media, makes me unsure Republicans can hold the governor’s mansion (although one never knows — our current governor, a Regent University graduate painted during the campaign as “extreme,” enjoys popular support in Virginia and would likely win re-election if allowed to run). So we have to try really hard to make sure the General Assembly can stand up to McAuliffe. And I mean hard. Emboldened by Obama and the vector of his party, he will undoubtedly try to ram a lot of “progress” down our throats — progress beloved by many Northern Virginians (who work for the ever-inflating Federal government). Just as the New York City machine has taken the mostly rural, mostly conservative New York state captive, so too can Arlington and Fairfax Counties force Virginia permanently into the blue column. This is not to say I advocate Republican-only leadership. But under Obama’s mysterious sway, Democrats are no longer their own. Formerly pro-2A public servants like Mark Warner, Tim Kaine and Joe Manchin have turned against us. They have forgotten their duty in a government of checks and balances. That amnesia has only one end: tyranny.

Which is why the wise and prescient founders of our Commonwealth chose our state motto: SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS. Get in the fight, Virginians! Hold the line here!

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