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We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, Part 2

May 6, 2015

Garland TX

Back in February, I published a missive called We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. In it, I rambled on about individualism and personal exceptionalism. In the mind of the progressive, we are all equal, so only a collective action can repel evil. In the mind of the responsible gun owner, it is up to him or her; it is up to the person present at the atrocity. To be that person is a heavy responsibility, so we train, mentally prepare, and pray.

Yesterday, Tim at Gun Nuts touched on this point in analyzing the Garland, Texas, shootout, where a single off-duty traffic cop killed two rifle-wielding terrorists with his service pistol. (Another peace officer was with him, but he was unarmed.) Tim made five observations. Here is number 4:

4. You don’t get to pick when you need to use your gun. The bad guys decide when you need to use your gun

Granted the nature of this event made the possibility of a violent attack a bit more visible, but I’d wager that the officer working security that morning probably didn’t expect that with all the SWAT studs in attendance that he would be the guy dropping the hammer on a couple of terrorists if any showed up. Life dropped a big ol’ bucket of jihad right in his lap and to his credit he responded immediately and effectively. Again, sir, bravo. If we had scorecards, even the French judges would be holding up 10.0.

I’m sure this hero, who is remaining anonymous, did feel safer with all the heavily armed tactical Tommies around. But in the end, he was the one who had to do the shooting. By the time the M4-wielding cavalry roared to the scene, the two jihadists were dead.

Garland TX operators

Tim further expounded on this point in Observation #5, writing:

Extraordinary violence almost always happens to ordinary people… If stuff goes down in front of you, you are on your own for what may well be the rest of your life.

Action can’t wait. Your life, or the lives of others, can’t wait for the Community to step up and solve your problems. There’s a place for Community. Acts of terror call for swift and terrible resistance — from individuals. Carry and be ready.


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