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How can one be liberal and a gun owner?

How can I be liberal and a gun owner?  How can you be liberal and not exercise your right to vote, speak, report and resist police intrusion in your home without cause?

The founders of our nation saw fit to enshrine the freedom to bear arms in the Bill of Rights, right up there with the freedom of speech, press, worship and speedy trial. Of course, you can choose not to exercise any or all of these freedoms. As for me, I’ll take them all.

Guns kill. If you harbor a wariness of deadly weapons, then I salute you. You are a normal human being. However, firearms in the hands of responsible, law-abiding citizens have defended the weak and promoted justice. After decades of hating all guns, I examined the rationales and statistics, and concluded I would keep and bear arms. I am not a “gun nut” or into “gun culture.” But I believe a liberal and free society should be ready to defend itself against all enemies, foreign and domestic. You are free not to participate in this defense. I choose otherwise.

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  1. Andrew duryea permalink

    I have searched many a day and traveled many moons and finally someone whose a liberal gun owner just like me thank you mien friend

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